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RESONANCE is a unique 12-week mentorship programme designed for aid workers all over the globe who want to reconcile with their engagement and create a human-driven humanitarian world.

The RESONANCE Mentorship Programme emboldens aid workers to live their humanitarian life and career better, and to protect and maximise their energy.

All the while disrupting the status quo by running their missions and careers with ease, integrity, and in line with their first guiding principle: humanity.

what is resonance?

We can build modern humanitarianism as place where the sector's ways of working do not break people's spirit, where personal well being contributes to a thriving collective, and where individual healing builds a better humanitarian culture.

The humanitarian sector is made of individuals, and individuals make the humanitarian sector.

So when you learn how to keep your work aligned with your personal values despite the challenging humanitarian work environment you're in, you open new possibilities for yourself, as for all of us. You break the code and contribute to progress.

You. Me. Us

What I believe is simple

The change within you brings the change out there.

This may be you right now ...

You were not expecting the harshness of the aid sector's ways of working and you've never been taught to protect your energy or set solid boundaries. You aspire to learn ways to avoid exhaustion and burnout in this demanding career and life style

You're suffering from the harmful aspects of the humanitarian culture. You want to overcome perfectionism and the pressure of "doing it all", and part ways with the burnout/corporate/patriarchal working habits of the aid sector. You are tired of the cowboy culture!

You often de-prioritise rest and well-being because others around you are suffering more, and colleagues appear to have it all together. You yearn for a better and guilt-free work-life balance, and honesty in the workplace.

You feel disillusioned and pessimistic when facing the reality of the humanitarian sector, but you want to pay criticism and cynicism goodbye, break the cycle, and reconnect with your motivation.

You've had enough and often think of giving up. Yet the fire is not entirely lost and you would like to claim and reclaim your sense of purpose.

Simply put the flip-sides of humanitarian work and life won over the fulfilment you once had, and you are losing the sense of purpose you started aid work with. Disillusion and self-questioning have you trapped ...


Right now is the best time for change makers like you to embrace their disruptive spirit and speak their truth within the humanitarian world. A radical shift from old-fashioned, abusive, and compromising working cultures is happening right now, and the humanitarian sector is no exception. This is your opportunity.

Consider this your invitation to join the change makers tribe, to regain control and joy in your humanitarian life and carrer, and to help build modern humanitarianism.

In the gradual movement of each module and mentoring session, I will be taking you towards a way of being which offers you the means to stay healthy and thrive in humanitarian work, (or to leave it well and at peace).

Then you are in the right place

The band-aid solutions and copping strategies that you have found are keeping you afloat. But you are READY to actively reclaim your time and energy, align your guiding values and day-to-day job, and a reconnect with a solid sense of meaning.

What you desire is clear

Resonance Mentorship


Inside you'll get:

12-week access to your online learning portal: enjoy powerful content at your own pace. Benefit from six 100% tailored modules and incredible bonus content (including master classes, podcast, yoga for aid workers sessions, and more).

Weekly LIVE mentoring calls: join the group LIVE every Tuesday for 3 months. Get your questions answered, bring your experience to the table, and level-up with the group each week!

100% of the Resonance Call Replays on demand: Can't make it live? Indulge on the replays whenever your schedule allows!

Access to the inspiring support of a curated community of humanitarian women - worldwide.

A full hour individual session with your mentor: be ready to deep dive into your personal situation, goals, and needs for game changing results!

1110 €

Because you are the life force of your organisation,
RESONANCE is the only humanitarians' programme to combine:

for unique transformative results

6 power-packed modules

"In Resonance I've deconstructed some of the humanitarian narratives many of us hold unconsciously. I've also returned to my core motivations which had been clouded since I experienced burnout.
Now I really feel empowered to work on balancing my work and my own needs.
I feel better prepared to implement and hold boundaries that allow me to contribute my work but also build my personal life."


"RESONANCE was such a valuable growth experience. It reminded me that I am worthy of being valued, heard and respected, and taught me that being a humanitarian is not worth felling overused, disrespected, or unhappy. Making the decision to walk away from an unsolvable situation felt like a personal failure. I now see it as a strength and act of bravery for myself, and others.""


"Laura's mentorship programme, RESONANCE, offers the support, the tools, the strength, a space to think how to change this system which often contradicts true humanitarian values, and most of all a safe space to take care of and be kind to ourselves."



Read it from them: what other humanitarians have achieved within Resonance

Humanitarian worker, mentor and entrepreneur, I am passionate about people, justice, and progressive working-culture where every person thrive and realise their full potential.

I am known for guiding aid workers through a unique method of mentorship which articulates professional development, personal growth, and systemic change in a deeply transformational experience. I focus on intimate group work, thinking out of the imposed-mentality, and daring greatly.

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